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Kate Heavey BA (Hons) FdSc MBACP Accred - Individual counselling Cranleigh. Couples counsellor Billingshurst. Marriage guidance therapist Horsham. Alcohol dependency issues. Loss and bereavement therapy near Horsham. Online Zoom and telephone psychotherapist.

Welcome to my website which I hope will give you an idea of how I work.

I am qualified to work with individuals, couples and two's and I am very passionate about my work believing change is available to all.

What is interesting is that we are only born with two fears.....fear of falling and fear of loud noises; everything else (thoughts, feelings and behaviour) is learnt in relationship with others and from life experiences.  

What is important to know is that what is learnt can be unlearnt if you want to.

Appointment Availability

**Update 9 July 2024**

I currently have a full practice and I am not taking on new clients.


Benefits of counselling

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  • Increased self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-expression and self-compassion
  • Insights into patterns empowering change and promoting choice
  • Improved and re-aligned relationships
  • Worked through feelings after infidelity, betrayal and affairs
  • New opportunities
  • Altered outlook / life-perspective
  • Recovery from alcoholism and binge eating disorder
  • Insight into stress and unhealthy anxiety
  • Choosing assertive communication over passive/aggressive
  • Ability to manage unpleasant and challenging emotions, i.e. anger, rage, shame and guilt
  • Healthier ways of relating / living for you
  • Healing abuse, trauma and shame
  • Understanding of the brain, attachment and neuroscience
  • Being able to continue bonds after a bereavement, death or loss
  • Voicing your own needs
  • Awareness of how your past, and attachment style, inform you.

    A further benefit of private practice counselling is that, whatever the reason for you seeking therapy, our sessions are confidential and separate away from your everyday life and no-one else is informed (and nothing goes on your doctor records either).


Couple, Relationship, Marriage Guidance and Two's Counselling and Psychotherapy


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When you are in healthy secure relationships you are more connected with yourself and others whether this is a partner, parents, in-laws, children, siblings, steps, friends or work colleagues. Relationship counselling is about all 'two's' and is not just for your most intimate relationship.

Reasons can include: -

  • Lack of communication skills, i.e., arguments, feeling unheard, struggling to accept difference
  • Built-up resentment replaying old hurts with an inability to repair
  • Unresolved past baggage being triggered, i.e. trauma, abuse, jealousy, envy, shame, blame, mistrust.
  • Lack of intimacy / sex life / desire
  • Self-loathing and self-criticalness of yourself or of one another
  • Betrayal, affairs, infidelity leading to distrust
  • Commitment issues
  • Loss or bereavement, i.e. death, miscarriage, ill-health, redundancy
  • Impact of becoming parents, i.e. loss of independence, inequality, loneliness,isolation
  • Family squabbles, fall outs and estrangement
  • Impact of addiction / substance abuse on relationship (i.e. alcohol, food, mobiles, porn)
  • Learnt survival techniques (fight, flight, freeze, friend, flop) causing relational conflict
  • Pre-marriage therapy (or newly married)
  • Contemplation of separation or divorce.


Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

There are many reasons you may find yourself here.  What is known is that you are currently unhappy and unfulfilled and looking for some support for yourself. Therapy offers this and I can provide assistance talking through your reason which may include: -

  • A life-changing event, e.g. bereavement, abuse, rape, redundancy, divorce, etc.
  • Anxiety and being crippled with worry
  • Increased alcohol use concerns
  • An unhealthy relationship with food
  • Feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or stuck that life is going no-where
  • Increase in unpleasant feelings such as anger, frustration, stress, sensitivity or confusion
  • Isolation, loneliness, sad and hopeless feelings
  • Feeling unheard and misunderstood
  • Childhood experiences such as neglect, trauma and shame
  • Family estrangement
  • Feelings of abandonment, rejection, powerlessness or helplessness
  • Talking through the impact and consequences of choices you have made (or are about to make)
  • Concerns around your mental health decline
  • ....a.n.other reason in a setting away from your day to day life.

A question you may ask yourself;-

Am I good enough?

My answer:  You absolutely are as we are all good enough and that includes YOU

Online and Telephone Counselling

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Individual and couple online counselling via Zoom, Skype and Signal. Marriage guidance psychotherapy online. Online tele-therapy / phone counselling.

I qualified in 2014 and from the start I have offered face to face,  online and telephone counselling.  Originally online psychotherapy was Skype and now it is more Zoom based with a small amount being Skype, WhatsApp and Signal.  Teletherapy remains popular.

Online and telephone therapy is an effective way of counselling due to home commitments, location or just simply because people are wanting therapy from the comfort of their home.

My current caseload includes places in the UK and Europe.

Note: I am qualified and registered in the UK, it is the legislation laws in the country where the counselling and psychotherapy takes place that govern therapy, i.e. in the UK I have a legal responsibility to report terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering yet legal requirements may differ in the country where counselling is offered.

Single-Session Therapy

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Online Single-Session Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Two's. Telephone Single-Session Therapy for Individuals.

If there is one issue that you feel an hours' therapy session would help you focus on rather than commiting to weekly sessions, or if your lifestyle stops you from being able to attend weekly therapy, then Single-Session Therapy could be for you.

Single-Session Therapy can give insight by creating a focus.

My starting question of any Single-Session Therapy session will always be ‘what would you like to have achieved by the end of the session?’

Your session is then conducted in a similar way to continual sessions, i.e. if we discuss psycho-education, such as communication skills or grief models, I will email these to you after your session has ended.

Your Single-Session Therapy hour provides space for exploration, reflection, digestion of your learning and discussion of any actions you can take going forward.

Click here to book Single-Session Therapy (if all days show 'closed' then it means I am fully booked for next week).


Walk Talk Therapy Surrey / Nature Therapy / Outdoor Therapist

Welcome. WalkTalk

Walk Talk therapy Surrey. Outdoor therapist Loxwood. Nature Therapy in Alfold in the Surrey Hills. Walk and talk loss and bereavement therapy near Horsham.   Healing in nature.

For some people the thought of sitting in an office talking can be daunting, or may seem too personal, and so eco-therapy with a trained outdoor therapist offers a fantastic alternative.

Walk and talk therapy in Surrey / West Sussex, offers a way of being alongside one another in nature, or sitting on a bench looking out onto a vast expanse, which can add a much more relaxed feel to your sessions and may fit more with your lifestyle.

Living in Alfold, I walk locally in Alfold and Loxwood where nature can be utilised to fully experience walk and talk therapy.

(please note, due to risk assessing walks, I can not walk from an unknown place to me).


Who I work with

I work with men and women on an individual and couple basis.

I have extensive experience in a wide spectrum of issues including:-

  • Relationship issues, i.e. communication, co-dependency, co-ercive control, bickering (more info)
  • Couple work / marriage guidance, i.e. affairs, infidelity, betrayals, trust issues, discussing difference, arguments
  • Alcohol addiction / alcohol dependency / alcoholism (more info)
  • Binge eating disorder
  • Bereavement, grief and loss including death, separation, divorce, pet or childhood (more info)
  • Mental health issues including anxiety, social anxiety, fear, depression and low mood
  • Work issues including assertiveness, stress, anxiety, fear of failure, not good enough, etc.
  • Exploring a potential job or career change
  • Family issues, i.e. parents, siblings, clash of personalities, steps or estrangement
  • Life events and transitions, i.e. leaving home, mid-life crisis, retirement or moving house
  • Loss / change of purpose
  • Low self-esteem, low self-confidence, low self-worth with low self-acceptance
  • Trauma and abuse whether this is childhood, sexual, emotional, physical or verbal
  • Feelings of shame, helplessness, loss, rage, anger, etc.
  • Anger expression (often referred to as 'anger management')
  • Terminal illness diagnosis - patients and carers
  • Feelings of not being enough, etc.

    Being diagnosed with a label and finding a condition that accurately matches your experience, whether internally or externally, can help something shift inside you and bring understanding and awareness yet I truly believe that each person is so much more than a label; you are unique, special and different. Counselling offers a way for you to embrace your uniqueness and individuality.


Welcome. Free Consultation - Green
Counselling and psychotherapy is a very personal experience. As such I feel it is important for you to find the right counsellor and therapist for you and that is why I offer the first session complimentary for individuals and just £40 for couples (due to pre-assessment work).

Session prices: -

Individual - 60 minutes - £60

Couple - 60 minutes - £80

Trainee Counsellors - 60 minute - £45 (training is integrative; Clarkson 5 Relational)

Low-cost daytime appointments at a reduced rate (£55 individuals, £75 couples) - please ask when enquiring.

Recognised Psychotherapist for Employee Assisted Programmes: -

Bupa, Aviva, AXA and Vitality Health.

Location - Alfold (Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6) Office

Welcome. Alfold09042023

Individual counselling near Cranleigh.  Couples counsellor near Billingshurst. Relationship, Alcohol Addiction, Binge Eating Disorder, Single-Session Therapy in Loxwood. Bereavement therapy near Horsham in Alfold.

My counselling office is located in Alfold. There is side gate access directly to the 'counselling room in the garden'. There is one step into the conservatory with access gained through double doors.

Convenient driveway parking is available.

Please note that this office may not be suitable for those with cat allergies. If this may cause an issue, please let me know and we can discuss the possibility of meeting in a location nearby.

(Update June 2024:  Transparency - there is a local building development so machinery background noise can be heard).

My Alfold, Cranleigh, counselling office is accessible to surrounding villages in Surrey and West Sussex. These include Godalming, Hascombe, Hambledon, Milford, Shackleford, Petworth, Loxwood, Loxhill, The Haven, Dunsfold, Lakers Green, Bramley, Shalford, Shamley Green, Rudgwick, Colgate, Rusper, Warnham, Witley, Wormley, Chiddingfold, Ellen's Green, Cranleigh, Ewhurst, Plaistow, Ifold, Northchapel, Haslemere, Busbridge, Kirdford, Wisborough Green, Billingshurst, Albury, Broadbridge Heath, Five Oaks and Slinfold.

My counselling office is located within a half a mile of the A281 Alfold Crossways junction which connects Horsham and Guildford.

Bus services:

Bus route 42 from Cranleigh to Guildford via Hascombe, Farncombe and Godalming. There is a bus stop located within a 10 minute walk from the office (Alfold Crossways).

Bus route 69 operates via Billingshurst, Adversane, Codmore Hill, Pulborough, Arundel and Worthing and this bus stop is a 2 minute walk from the office.

(Please do look at the bus timetables prior to contacting me as, like many village locations, they are not always hourly).


Contact from website
Please click here to contact me directly from this website.

Email Contact
Email harmoniouscounselling@gmail.com
I will email you back the same day if a working day. Please be rest assured emails are confidential and only seen by me.

Telephone Contact
Call 07941 305511
If I am unable to answer please leave a brief message informing me of your enquiry along with your name, telephone number and when it is a good time for me to call you back.
Please note:- If your number is not familiar to me, and you do not leave a message, I will not call you back as I am aware this could be dangerous without knowing your individual situation.
My voicemal is confidential and your message will only be listened to by me.

Text / WhatsApp Contact
Text 07941 305511 to make an appointment.
If I am in an appointment I may not be able to answer you straight away yet I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.

Not ready yet?
If you feel you are not quite ready to commit to an appointment please do message me. I have been where you are now and I am happy to help with your transition.

Counselling is a journey and in the words of Carl Jung "I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become." What will you choose to become?

KATE HEAVEY BA (Hons) BACP (Accredited).

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