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Kate Heavey BA (Hons) FdSc BACP (Accredited) - Offering Single-Session Therapy.  Online Single Session Therapy.  Telephone single-session therapy.

I started working in a Single-Session Therapy way as I worked for an online company and a few individuals / couples would come to therapy for just one session which was very different to my face to face practice. Now, having gained further training in this way of working, I offer it to individuals, couples and twos who feel that one session would be helpful as a way to re-focus life or relationships. It is a way of maximising the impact of your therapeutic encounter, is client-focused and client-driven.

(Single-session therapy is delivered online for couples and individuals.  Telephone for individuals only).


Please click here and my availability calendar will open up.

I complete my availability 6 days in advance so if I do not currently have a single-session available which suits you, do check back or email me.

Note: I do not hold a waiting list for Single-Session Therapy.

Single-Session Therapy

What is Single-Session Therapy?

Single-session therapy is a brief and focused encounter with me as your therapist.

The session starting question is 'what would you like to achieve by the end of the session?' This then enables us to ascertain together if it is a realistic expectation for one session, i.e. if you want to resolve trauma in one session, I can not do that. If you want to talk about an issue and have a different perspective, I can do that, with your permission to state what my take on a situation may be (remembering therapy is not advice, it is working collaboratively together).

The session is then conducted with a focus on achieving the session goal. As the sessions are conducted online, if we discuss psycho-education, such as communication skills or grief models, I will email these to you after your session has ended.

The session provides space for reflection, digestion (of learning) and discussion of any actions which you may want to take.

Who is Single-Session Therapy for?

Single-Session Therapy may be chosen due to being time poor, not having the finances for weekly sessions, where a lifestyle does not permit regular therapy or if you currently feel that one single-session would be enough.

There can be successful outcomes for individuals and couples using Single-Session Therapy.

Requirements for Single-Session Therapy

For you to have a space, or for both of you to have a space if you are coming as a couple or two, where you feel safe and secure, and where you have a stable computer / telephone connection.

Can I return for further Single-Session Therapy sessions?

Of course! We will discuss your options towards the closing of your single session.

If you have found benefit and want to book further single-sessions, you book in exactly the same way as you did your first session. This may be straight away, or it may be many months down the line.

If you feel that, after our session, you would like to come back for regular weekly sessions, again that is ok, I would just let you know your approximate wait time.

Note: As these are single-sessions, additional single-sessions would be subject to my own availability and are booked on the same link by clicking here .


The session fee is the same as my weekly therapy sessions:-

Individuals – 55 minutes - £60

Couples / twos – 55 minutes - £80

(the session is 5 minutes shorter to enable me to email you anything agreed after the session).


Once you book a session, I will email you a Single-Session Therapy contract which is similar to my main contract, i.e. for you to complete name(s), address, doctor details, date of birth and details of any medication. This will be emailed to you along with a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) document.

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