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Walk Talk Therapy Surrey. WalkTalk

Walk and Talk therapy in Surrey - Alfold and Loxwood locations.

What is there not to like about being out in nature? Walk and talk therapy energises the soul and offers a freedom where you are not contained in a room; you are outside in nature where the sky really is the limit!

Eco-Therapy / Walk and Talk Therapy Surrey

If you feel that being in an office, sat opposite a therapist, is not for you then walking side by side in nature may be just what you need.

With Eco-therapy, nature is our co-therapist.

Many people find walking amongst nature, grounding and healing and so this method of counselling may be very appealing to you.

Why is walk and talk therapy so beneficial?

It is known is that trees release anti-microbial essential oils called phytoncides. In nature these oils protect trees from germs and, what has now been known for decades, is that phytoncides contain a whole host of health benefits for humans too.

Benefits include:-

- boosting mood and the immune system
- stabalising blood pressure
- reducing stress and anxiety
- enhancing sleep
- improving focus and creativity
- engaging 'rest / digest' parasympathetic nervous system (suppressing sympathetic 'fight / flight')
- fighting depression symptoms
- lowering risk of terminal illnesses, i.e. cancer.

Mental health is so much more than just the mind; it is the meeting of mind, body and soul and outdoor therapy offers an alternative way to incorporate all three.

I offer walk and talk therapy in the surrounding areas of my home in Alfold (please note, as a route has to be risk assessed, I can not walk from any location).

So why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Walk Talk Therapy Surrey. WalkTalkBluebell



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Friedrich Nietzsche said 'All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking” - what thoughts will you process walking? After all, life is about living and not just existing.

KATE HEAVEY BA (Hons) BACP (Accredited)

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